Love Failure Shayari: Expressing Heartbreak through Poetry

 Love is a powerful emotion that can make us feel alive, but when it ends, it can leave us feeling broken and lost. In such situations, expressing our pain and heartbreak can be difficult. This is where love failure shayari comes in – a form of poetry that allows us to articulate our emotions and find solace in our grief. In this article, we’ll explore the world of love failure shayari and how it can help us heal from heartbreak.

What is Love Failure Shayari?

Love failure shayari is a form of poetry that expresses the pain and sadness of a failed romantic relationship. It is a way of pouring out one’s emotions through beautifully crafted words, metaphors, and imagery. The shayaris are usually short, but impactful and resonate with people who have gone through heartbreak.

Love Failure Shayari: Expressing Heartbreak through Poetry

History of Love Failure Shayari

Shayari has been a popular form of expression in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. It originated in ancient Persia and was brought to India by Mughal rulers. Over time, it became an integral part of the Indian culture and evolved into various forms, including love failure shayari. Many famous poets, such as Mirza Ghalib and Mir Taqi Mir, wrote shayaris that continue to be popular today.

How Love Failure Shayari Can Help You Heal

Heartbreak is a painful experience that can leave us feeling lost and alone. Love failure shayari can help us in the following ways:

1. Expressing emotions

Sometimes, it can be challenging to articulate our emotions in words. Love failure shayari provides a way to express our feelings through powerful and impactful words. It can help us come to terms with our emotions and provide an outlet to release them.

2. Finding solace

Reading or writing love failure shayari can help us find solace in our grief. It lets us know that we’re not alone in our pain and that others have gone through similar experiences. It can provide a sense of comfort and help us in our healing process.

3. Gaining perspective

Love failure shayari can provide a new perspective on our situation. It can help us understand that heartbreak is a part of life and that it’s possible to move on from it. Reading shayaris written by others who have gone through similar experiences can give us hope and help us gain a new perspective on our situation.

23 Love Failure Shayari Hindi & English

“Tere dar pe aaya hoon, kuch karke jaayenge,
Kuch bhi ho halat mein, muskurake jayenge.”

Translation: “I have come to your doorstep, I will do something and leave, No matter what happens to me, I will smile and go.”

“Hum bhool gaye unhe, par unhe bhulaana na aaya, Yehi dard hai dil mein, par shayad dikhana na aaya.”

Translation: “I forgot them, but didn’t know how to forget them,

This pain is in my heart, but maybe I didn’t know how to show it.”

“Gaye the hum unke saath, ab jhoothi sahi par ishq ki baat, Humne usko khud se door kiya, ab usko door hone ka shauk hai.”

Translation: “We went with them, now it may be a lie but love’s talk, We ourselves kept them away, now they have a fondness for staying away.”

“Ishq mein khud ko bhula diya, Kuch toh sahi, aaj dil ne bhi rula diya.”

Translation: “Lost myself in love, At least today my heart made me cry.”

“Kyun chupate ho khud ko, Kya kar lenge hum aapko dekh ke rote hue?”

Translation: “Why do you hide yourself, What will we do, seeing you cry?”

“Tere bin kaise jiya jaye, Tere bin kaise din guzare.”

Translation: “How can I live without you, How can I spend my days without you.”

“Tujhse dooriyan, nafratein, dushmaniyan, Magar dil mein tumhari yaadein, aankhon mein ansu ki namiyan.”

Translation: “Distances, hatred, enmities between us, But memories of you in my heart, tears in my eyes.”

“Zindagi ki kashti mein hum doobe jaa rahe hain, Aapni kismat ko leke hum ro rahe hain.”

Translation: “Drowning in the boat of life, Crying over our fate.”

“Raat bhar dhundhta raha tujhko, Dil se ungliyan utha ke so gaye.”

Translation: “Kept searching for you all night, Fell asleep with fingers raised towards you.”

“Tere hi khayalon mein khoya raha, Tere hi sapno mein roya raha.”

Translation: “Kept lost in thoughts of you, Kept crying in dreams of you.”

“Teri chahat mein pagal hue, Tujhse door reh kar hum badal hue.”

Translation: “Went crazy in your love, Changed after being away from you.”

“Main tujhse door hoke bhi tujhko chaha, Main tujhse khafa hoke bhi tujhko mana.”

Translation: “Loved you even when away from you, Convinced you even when angry at you.”

“Tujhse mile hue saare rang, Ab toh sirf bechainiyaan hai sang.”

Translation: “All colors met with you, Now only restlessness is by my side.”


Nafraton se bhi zyada dard hai, Pyar ka izhaar kar ke phir bhi khud ko bekhabar paana.”

Translation: “More than hatred, the pain is, To express love and still remain unaware of oneself.”

“Khud se bhi zyada tujhse pyar tha, Magar teri nafrat ne sab kuch uda diya.”

Translation: “Loved you more than myself, But your hatred destroyed everything.”

Tere siwa kuch yaad nahi raha, Sirf teri kamiyan hain jinhe bhula nahi paa raha.”

Translation: “Don’t remember anything except you, Only your shortcomings can’t be forgotten.”

“Tere jaane se mera dil tut gaya, Tere jaane ke baad meri zindagi lut gayi.”

Translation: “My heart broke when you left, My life was ruined after you left.”

“Dil mein basa ke tumko bhool gaye, Magar raat ko aankhon se tumhe dhoondhte rahe.”

Translation: “Forgot you by keeping you in my heart, But at night kept searching for you with my eyes.”

“Har roz teri yaadon se khel raha hoon, Jab bhi yaad aati hai, dil dukhata hai phir se.”

Translation: “Playing with your memories every day, Whenever they come to mind, my heart hurts again.”

“Teri yaadon ka sahara le ke chalta raha, Magar zindagi ke har mod par khud ko akela paya.”

Translation: “Kept walking with the support of your memories, But at every turn of life, found myself alone.”

“Teri mohabbat ne mujhko barbaad kar diya, Kuchh is tarah ke aashiq ka bhi haal hota hai.”

Translation: “Your love ruined me, This is how the fate of some lovers is.”

“Tumhe bhoolna hai toh bhula do, Magar yaadon ko toh rok nahi sakte hum.”

Translation: “If I have to forget you, I will, But I cannot stop memories from coming.”

“Mere tootne ki wajah tum ho, Magar tumhara pyar bhi mere jeene ki wajah tha.”

Translation: “You are the reason for my breaking, But your love was also the reason for my living.”


Love failure shayari

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